Hello World from Fintech Garden community

Hello World from Fintech Garden community

November 29, 2022
Igor Tomych

Greetings everyone,

My name is Igor Tomych, and I’m a software architect and entrepreneur. I come from Ukraine. For the last six years, together with Dashdev’s team, we’ve been creating top-notch fintech projects for the UK market.

Four years ago, we helped Project Imagine architect and build the Pi1.io planform and UK challenger bank Dozens from the scratch. Dashdevs’ 15 years of experience making software for media, high-load, automotive industries helped build the banking platform PI1.io, which is powering b2c bank Dozens, in just nine months, from scratch to production.

To be honest, working on the banking platform felt like a journey in the dark at times. It’s clear what has to be achieved, but there is no information on how other companies did it or what is the optimal way to implement specific business functionality.

Another challenge is selecting a proper business model and market niche. Creating a technically perfect product does not guarantee market success. What are the models out there, who are the leaders in different niches, and what brought them there?

Many stakeholders in the market are talking about the digitalization of the fintech market, but you can hardly find any structured and up-to-date information about companies, vendors, business models, and market numbers in public access.

Today, we want to change that here by creating and continuously improving the Fintech Garden.

What is Fintech Garden about? #

Its expert community and its platform are designed to combine different experiences and information. Cultivating information about the banks, challengers, and vendors requires a good level of understanding the market and perseverance. It cannot be completed in a week or a month. It’s a long and complex process, but the results are beneficial on many levels. Together, we can create a better vision and more transparency about what’s going on and how certain things are done in the industry.

Project is going to contain next sections:

  • Information about companies: banks, challengers and fintechs
  • News
  • Blogs
  • Community
  • Money: information about industry salaries and financial reports about companies
  • Jobs
  • Calendar

Mission #

Growing ecosystem!

Vision #

By building a space for sharing technical and financial knowledge.

Goals #

  • We digitalize technical and financial knowledge
  • We analyze ecosystem and provide visibility in fintech industry
  • We connect fintech experts
  • We educate for better future
  • We improve constantly

What is the next step? #

We believe that knowledge can survive only if it’s shared. By using an iterative approach, we’re starting small with just 2 sections: information about banks incorporated in the UK and blogging platforms.

We are open to everyone who wants to build community with us. If you want to become an author or contribute to our project, feel free to reach out at hello@fintech.garden.

Join us to keep the industry clear!

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