FinTech Alliance Partners with Seedrs to Help Companies Raise Capital

FinTech Alliance Partners with Seedrs to Help Companies Raise Capital #

The UK FinTech Alliance has announced a new partnership with Seedrs, one of the largest online investment platforms in the world. The alliance, which is backed by the UK government and operates in partnership with the UK Department for International Trade, aims to support the country’s prominence as a top global FinTech hub by connecting companies with resources to help them grow.

Under the new partnership, Seedrs will assist FinTech Alliance members in setting up campaigns on their platform to raise capital. The investment platform connects smaller, retail investors alongside more sophisticated individuals and venture capitalists to fund the firms raising capital on its site.

The collaboration will allow FinTech Alliance members to benefit from Seedrs’ experience and expertise in helping companies raise capital. By partnering with the platform, FinTech Alliance members can connect with a wider network of potential investors, as well as tap into Seedrs’ in-house resources to ensure that their campaigns are well-designed and targeted to the right audience.

Seedrs has a strong track record of helping FinTech startups raise capital. In 2022, the platform saw a 5% increase in banking app downloads, and neobanks made the biggest advances, with an 11% increase on 2021. Several neobanks were among the top 10 banking apps that experienced growth in 2022, including Atom Bank, Viva Wallet, and Tandem Bank.

According to the FinTech Alliance, the new partnership with Seedrs is an important step in supporting the UK’s FinTech ecosystem. By providing companies with the resources they need to raise capital, the alliance hopes to foster continued growth in the industry and help ensure the UK’s position as a global leader in FinTech.

The collaboration comes at a time when the cost of living crisis is making it more challenging for companies to acquire new users. By leveraging the expertise of Seedrs and the resources of the FinTech Alliance, companies will be better equipped to attract and retain users through innovative functionality and smart marketing techniques. The partnership is expected to benefit a wide range of FinTech startups and established firms, and help them to reach their full potential.

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