Antler provides £120k funding for seven UK tech startups

Antler provides £120k funding for seven UK tech startups #

Antler, a venture capital firm, has invested £840,000 across seven pre-seed startups with £120,000 to each of the UK-based companies.

The seven startups that Antler supported are the following:

  • Conveyo: platform for real estate buying and selling;
  • Fractiv: investment platform that allows users to invest and own artwork;
  • Genehub: genome sequencing storage startups that grants users ownership of their medical data;
  • Kickback: gaming system where those who enter can win a gaming session with a content creator;
  • Nippi: food social media platform that promotes local cuisine;
  • Uppr: video call analysing software that provides feedback and shared notes relevant to keywords;
  • xWatts: commercial property software to analyse a building’s performance and recommend on how to make savings.

Jed Rose, partner at Antler, commented on their choice: “The founders that we work with in the UK continue to find new ways of applying their deep experiences and new technologies to address the world’s biggest problems, improve people’s lives and make business easier.”

Antler believes that their investment demonstrates that the range of tech talents in the UK is immaculate, drifting from climate tech to food tech. And, as they believe, each of the diverse founders produce startups with growth potential.

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