UK Fintech Nucleus365 Introduces European Instant Payments

UK Fintech Nucleus365 Introduces European Instant Payments #

Nucleus365 is a payment company based in the UK that offers a single platform for international payment processing, currency exchange, and connected banking. For its European customers, Nucleus365 has made Rapid Transfer available.

Customers can use their bank details to make quick payments to retailers using Rapid Transfer, with money often being credited the same business day.

The system offers a replacement for credit cards and is available to retailers around the world, making it easier for them to enter the European market. Taking advantage of Rapid Transfer’s higher conversion rates and no card processing costs is a huge benefit for businesses.

Nucleus365 allegedly cooperates with many international banks and payment processors. Merchants working on the Nucleus365 platform can use Nucleus365 IBAN numbers to simplify their customer experience.

The company’s management saw a “gap in the industry,” where banking and payment processing are rarely aligned within the technology stack. The company obtained an FCA licence to minimise friction and the need for a merchant to contract with and seek out multiple vendors to meet its diverse needs.

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