FIS reveals top investment priorities for 2023 in their new research

FIS reveals top investment priorities for 2023 in their new research #

FIS, a global fintech company, in their new global innovation report reveal key areas of fintech investment. For this, they studied 2,000 executives at companies across the market to find out their investment plans

FIS completed their research to discover how innovations can affect businesses in 2023 and what payoff awaits for those who submit to an immediate action this year. According to their research, about 44% of financial companies will significantly invest in embedded finance products as customers are more likely to have interest in more convenient ways to pay and invest.

18% of executives believe that embedded finance can drive their revenue and change sales and/or distribution models (20%). When it comes to cryptocurrency, this year the loud innovation seems to shrink with over a third of respondents (32%) having no interest in developing any kind of cryptocurrency services. What’s more, about 26% of respondents believe that cryptocurrency might increase risks.

However, the businesses interest in DeFi is likely growing since 62% of fintech executives who were surveyed believe that decentralized finance will strengthen their competitiveness. Also, about 59% are researching their potential opportunities in the metaverse, and 31% believe it will change their sales models.

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