Property Partner changes its name to highlight latest investment

Property Partner changes its name to highlight latest investment #

Better, a well-known US-based digital real estate company, invested £2.4 million to drive the rebranding of Property Partner into the London Property Exchange. The company’s name change to London House Exchange reflects its role as real estate stock exchange.

The London Residential Exchange has rebranded under its original name since its inception in 2014, highlighting the fact that it is the first stock exchange for individual property. Since its inception, £55 million worth of shares have been sold and bought on the FCA-regulated trading exchange.

“Real estate is the largest asset class in the world, worth more than shares, stocks and bonds combined, and residential property makes up approximately 75% of this total. However, unlike those other asset classes, property transactions take months rather than seconds. Our mission is to successfully make property assets liquid and tradable at global scale,” said Michael Lamont, CEO of Better UK.


Better HoldCo, Inc. (“Better”) is investing $2.4 million directly into the London Stock Exchange (“LHE”) to improve market liquidity. Since its founding, Better has funded more than $100 billion in mortgages, facilitated $4.6 billion in real estate transactions and issued $38 billion in insurance policies.

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