October (ex. Lendix) #

Lendix, now known as October, was a European financial technology (fintech) platform that facilitated peer-to-peer lending for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in need of financing.

Website: https://fr.october.eu/

Region: EU

Size: 200k+ clients

Revenue: $44.4M Estimated Annual Revenue

Activity: 130k monthly visits

Unique Selling Proposition #

Lendix offered various types of business loans, including working capital, expansion, and project financing. This diversity allowed SMEs to access funds for different purposes and stages of growth.

Future Prospects #

The company aims its loans at small and medium-sized enterprises that need to borrow in Euros. It is careful in its selection of which loan applications to accept, and by the time an investor can buy into a loan, significant amounts of due diligence have taken place.

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