LendInvest #

LendInvest is a non-bank mortgage lender in the UK, and is a property lending and investing platform. As an alternative Fintech lender in the property market, LendInvest provides finance to property professionals and small and medium-sized businesses around the UK.

Website: https://www.lendinvest.com/

Region: UK

Size: 12 investors

Revenue: £14.2m 2022 Annual Revenue

Activity: 23k monthly visits

Unique Selling Proposition #

It’s the best-in-class application portal make every application simple for brokers, with behind the scenes technology making each step smoother and simpler; from automatic credit checks, affordability checks to integrations with third parties for automated valuation models and land registry.

Future Prospects #

Expanding the range of real estate financing products and investment opportunities could attract a broader range of investors and borrowers, increasing LendInvest’s market reach.

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