Funding Circle

Funding Circle #

Funding Circle is a commercial lender. Originally it was a peer-to-peer lending marketplace that allowed the public to lend money directly to small and medium-sized businesses. Through this exchange businesses access lower costs of financing than they would get at a bank and the public are able to become lenders and in doing so make a return on their capital


Region: UK

Size: 135k users (small businesses)

Revenue: £148.7M 2022 Annual Revenue

Activity: 461k monthly visits

Unique Selling Proposition #

It revolves around its technology-driven efficiency, inclusive access to capital, diverse investor base and engagement. This unique combination positions Funding Circle as a transformative force in small business lending, driving growth and innovation in the financial sector.

Future Prospects #

Expanding into new markets, embracing technology, adapting to regulations, and maintaining investor trust.

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